A Guide To Buying Memory Foam Mattresses

The one thing that makes all of us happy is a good night’s sleep. If you’ve heard of the memory foam mattresses, you might wonder whether they are excellent and worth investing in. Such decisions are not made overnight, but you got to start somewhere. The memory foam mattress is extremely flexible, and it is recommended for all who have problems with a pain in the shoulders area, hips or lumbar spine. You can learn more here

A guide to buying memory foam mattresses

Introduction to memory foam mattresses

foam mattressMemory foam contributes to greater relaxation of the body, which means we are resting ‘faster’ and more productive. It is ideal for those who often don’t have time to sleep to try to compensate those recommended 8 hours in bed. A significant advantage of memory foam mattress is that sleeping on memory foam contributes to a better blood circulation, i.e., faster blood flow in the peripheral and weary parts of the body. Because of the pressure ordinary mattress creates, the circulation in the body is slower, and that can lead to sleep wrinkles.

Memory foam adapts to body shape

Sometimes people wake up with sore backs and say that they fell asleep in the wrong position. This is because ordinary mattresses can put pressure on certain parts of our body, so during the night, we’re trying to find the best position. The memory foam (as its name suggests) remembers and adapts to every part of the body, distributes the weight and doesn’t put pressure on it. It means you sleep in an ideal mold or rather negative of your body. The body is resting best in its natural form without a lot of pressure on him and with guaranteed maximum circulation. Memory foam does just that – an ideal weight transfer to the printed negative in the mattress.

Various models of memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are made of three types of foam: Cold Cast foam, Visco-elastic foam and Polyurethane foam. They are used as the basis for memory foam. By combining these, we get different heights, hardness, and flexibility of the mattress.


foam mattressNot a single bed (mattress) can satisfy everybody, and along with that fact, there are significant differences in quality and materials used among manufacturers of memory foam mattresses. One of the biggest flaws of memory foam mattresses that adjust to the contours of the body is heat. Thick foam cells excessively retain heat instead of transmitting and spreading it out. Traditional memory mattresses regarding heat haven’t made much of progress from the time they are incurred.

The lifetime of these mattresses is also often mentioned. Their endurance varies and depends on the quality of the material and its density.