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Choosing the Best Cordless Vacuum for Your Hardwood Floors

There is something about hardwood floors that makes them a favorite choice for many homes and commercial premise owners. They are easy to clean, shiny and finishes off your floors in style. Nothing is more comforting than the feel of a hardwood floor once you get indoors. However, there is a catch about the elegant floors: they need special cleaning to keep their alluring appearance.

From extensive research, cordless vacuums have been found to be the best cleaners for hardwood floors. It makes sense since the unplugged vacuums would not only make it easy to clean but also leave your floor spotless.

As you probably know, there are countless brands and models of battery-operated vacuums. You would be lost in the search without proper guidance. One thing is for sure: you would want a top pick from the options in the market.

To ease the burden on your end, here is the ultimate guide to buying a cordless vacuum for your hardwood floors that is definitely a top pick :

vacuum cleanerLightweight vacuum

It should not be a hard task to keep your hardwood floor clean. It goes without saying that a lightweight cordless vacuum would be an appropriate choice. There are two reasons for this. One, it will be easy to maneuver as you reach every corner of your floor. And two, there will be less scratching on your floor. You would not want to put much pressure on your unscratched floor as you clean it, would you?

Vacuum without brush rolls

For floors covered in carpets, brush rolls are necessary as they reach deep into the fabric and remove all the dirt. However, it is a different ball game when it comes to hard floors. The last things you want on them are brush rolls that would leave scratches all over. You are better off with a vacuum without the rolls. However, if you like a model with the rolls, you should ensure that it has a switch on/off. This is even a better choice as you can use it both for carpet and hardwood floors.

Stronger suction power

With hardwood floors, it is no different when it comes to suction power. The stronger suction power would get rid of crumbs and dirt lodged between small spaces in the floor. You should choose a relatively powerful cordless vacuum.

vacuum cleaner
Longer power retention

Since you will be using batteries on the vacuum, you do not expect the charge to last for eternity. It will be depleted, hence the need for a recharge. It is, therefore, important to go for a vacuum that will retain power for long. Anything running for 20 minutes on full power mode would not be a bad pick. You will have done the hard cleaning part before the charge is depleted.

There is only one way to treat your hardwood floor to what it best deserves. Get a cordless vacuum and keep your floor clean. It does not only give you the promise of a spotlessly clean surface but also durability. As you make a choice, you now know what you should be looking for.